Ceramic Heater
The flat-plate ceramic heaters are fitted in CEROFFEE; the heaters emit far-infrared radiation which ensures a perfectly even roasting and a full flavor of coffee.
What is a Ceramic Heater?
It is made by the semi-conductor manufacturing processes.
Metallic resistor is printed in the inside of ceramic insulator.
  • The highest output density per unit area, enabling miniaturization and (weight) lightening and excellent temperature responsiveness to control
  • It penetrates deep into the object with infrared radiation; it ensures uniform roasting even with rapid heating and at the light roasting.
  • High heating rate and uniform heat distribution
  • Eco- friendly and free from electrical noise
  • Excellent insulation resistance and durability
  • It has been improved to have better heat and impact resistance
Ceramic Heater, Key Component of CEROFFEE
Placing the ceramic heaters inside of the drum makes CEROFFEE unique and stand out among other roasters; ensuring a uniform roasting in a short time.
The roasting process with Ceramic Heaters
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